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 After a whole year without ANNOTOPIA in 2020 we are looking forward to three festivals this year.

The two established locations in Lüdinghausen and Rotenburg a. d. Fulda will be joined in August by the wonderful grounds of the residential castle of Bad Mergentheim in the idyllic Tauber valley (Baden-Württemberg). The Renaissance still characterises the appearance of the mighty 12th century castle today, with the exterior in the inner courtyard; the castle park was laid out in the style of English landscape gardens. A truly fabulous site for our beautiful ANNOTOPIA festival, with all its enchanting figures from various rooms and times. Your host Professor Abraxo invites you and all of you on 21 and 22 August to an unforgettable journey.

Residential Palace Mergentheim: Schloß 16, 97980 Bad Mergentheim

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Bad Mergentheim

Experienced annotopists know and already love the extraordinary culinary pleasures that are offered in ANNOTOPIA. What and who exactly you can find out here:

Alt´s Süßbäckerey / Churroserey, Baumkuchen, Beerenweine, Curry – Coen Grillcatering, Der Zauberkessel, Endzeitgrill, Kartoffelhaus, Les Temeraires, Luvent – Lachs, Mandelbraterei, Manjas Langos, McOnis Handelskontor / Slush, Nomadenküche, Reither Catering, Sau Saugut, Wolf´s Grill & Zuckerbäckerey zum Waffeldrachen.

Numerous traders and artisans from many parts of Europe shape the market in ANNOTOPIA. We would like to introduce them to you:

Art of Adit, Baba Jaga – Floral Design, BD-Bones, BepStyle, Drechselkeller, Elfeboutique, Elfenstaubtankstelle, FantasyMania, Feuer und Erde, Gewandhexe, Handelskontor, Hornschnitzerey, Karfunkel-Verlag, Magic Wotan, Rheingold, Seifensieder, Skydiver, Steampunkhunter, Steampunkies Warenhaus, Trude & Bert, Trukado, Viva Artist / WildWarriorWorld-Creations, Weiler Freizeitbedarf, White Eagle, Zauberpflanzen & Hexenkräuter & Zuckerbäckerey zum Waffeldrachen.

ANNOTOPIA means many artists, camps, music and entertainment. Who’s there in Bad Mergentheim? We´ll tell you:

Baumbart, Bogenrausch, Bruderschaft des schwarzen Drachen, Julius CaesarConFilius & Jorinde die Biegsame, CooltPainting, Cult of Chrome, Das Wesen von Saeftinghe, Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute, Die Orks, Drache Fangdorn, Dragol, Frankendampf, Hansdampf in allen Gassen, Hell´s Belles, HOGS MMC Rostreiter, Holzriesenrad,  Kaleidoskop, Kelten- & Germanenstamm Sugambrer, Kelvin Kalvus, Kinderkramerey Lindenbau, Andrea Kuhnke (Autorin), Melgo Düsterkunst, Motilus SMS-Feuershow, Nautilus – One Man Band, Nordic Wasteland (Flinkur & Skadi), PasParTout, Pearl Zarina, Pyrates, Polly, Radio Retrofuture, RaptoRex, Schlimme Schurken, Skydiver, Steam Show, Sternenwächter, Streetbirds, Ted McKoy, Triskele, Umbra Indigo, Wasteland Warriors, Wikinger-Sippe Waelwulfas

* All participants with reservation and without guarantee.