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ANNOTOPIA … in a nutshell

In ANNOTOPIA there aren´t any conventions, there´s no right or wrong, there’s no limit for your thoughts and actions.

ANNOTOPIA is new and inspiring, curios and sometimes bizarre but always full of love and geniality.

From primeval dinosaurs to futuristic fictual Star Wars heroes – you will meet them all on your journey through ANNOTOPIA! Enjoy a fantastic world full of magic along with Professor Abraxo and his steam-rider.

Around the splendid castles of Lüdinghausen, the beautiful castle park in Rotenburg and (NEW!) at residential palace park in Bad Mergentheim,  the most creative folks of Europe will present all their artistry, crafts and skills. The adorable atmospheres provide an almost perfect scenery for cultural and culinary highlights, where either various fabulous (elves, goblins, dwarves, …), pirates and vikings, Victorian steampunks, medieval knights as well as visitors of all kinds and ages can feel special and extraordinary. A great spetacular festival for the whole familiy. You have to experience it to believe it. So watch our ANNOTOPIA-Trailer and check out the ANNOTOPIA-Photogroup on Facebook; there you will get first fantastic impressions.

Annotopia Logo

The World of ANNOTOPIA … with one click!

After the great premiere festivals in 2018 with more than 10,000 visitors, followed by the new editions in 2019 with a total of over 16,000 visitors, the ANNOTOPIA-trip should actually continue in 2020. Corona has unfortunately denied us this. But that´s exactly why we should make ANNOTOPIA even more fantastic in 2021 … at three locations:

• Residential Palace Park, Bad Mergentheim – 21st & 22nd of August 2021

• Schlosspark Rotenburg a. d. Fulda – 11th und 12th of September 2021

• Wasserburgenlandschaft Lüdinghausen – 2nd & 3rd of October 2021

All information about the festivals is of course available here on this homepage and always up to date on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

visitors in 2019
visitors in 2019


Although in the beautiful land of ANNOTOPIA there is no single case of Corona virus by now, the pandemic currently dominantes our planning. We will announce all information concerning ANNOTOPIA to you both here and via our multimedia platforms:

Latest News: ANNOTOPIA Rotenburg 2021

We are very happy. Since yesterday (01. September) we have the approval for ANNOTOPIA Rotenburg 2021!!! So it can start.

But of course with rules to which all visitors have to adhere: Admission to the grounds is allowed if you are vaccinated, tested or recovered (from the age of 6). We have summarized the special rules for pupils, the opening hours of the test center on site as well as other important information for you on the festival page Rotenburg.

There is no general mask obligation on the site, but at neuralgic points a medical mask (or FFP2) must be worn. Please follow the instructions!

ANNOTOPIA Fantasy-Talk – Part III

Round 3 of the ANNOTOPIA-Fantasy-Talk has begun.
This time: Mr. & Mrs. Trash (Endzeit-Duo), Dmitri & Sveta from the Steam-Show (Minsk, Belarus), Torben Schäfer (Managing Director MER Rotenburg) and Frank Brune (noa entertainment)!

Moderation: Professor Abraxo & UW-1472
Focus this time: Endzeit & Rotenburg!

On Tuesday, July 13 at 8 pm it starts:
HERE you can watch the trailer …

Regularly we would like to introduce you with this new and extraordinary format contributors, locations and the people behind ANNOTOPIA. In addition, you will get the latest news and one or the other surprise about Germany’s biggest fantasy festival. And of course we would like to involve YOU as well.


Covid 19 Update: ANNOTOPIA Fantasy Festivals 2021 (08.07.2021)

For the upcoming ANNOTOPIA festivals applies:

We assure you that we as organizers will do everything to ensure a proper and safe course of the events.

We are currently working intensively – together with the authorities – on appropriate concepts so that everyone can participate in ANNOTOPIA without worrying about their own health. The execution of the events will be accompanied by comprehensive hygiene and protection measures in order to be able to guarantee the best possible health protection for all participants.

We ask all visitors and contributors for their support in the implementation and compliance. Everyone can make a decisive contribution to a successful hygiene concept with their responsible behavior. We count on your discipline and personal responsibility and hope that the ANNOTOPIA festivals will be another step on the way to normality. Please pay attention to the organizational information in the run-up and on the festival area.

Admission is expected for those, who are vaccinated, tested or recovered.

In addition, please note that it is mandatory to comply with the hygiene and protection regulations of the respective state government in force on the day of the event. Since the exact development of the incidence values cannot be planned and predicted, there may be further facilitations or additional restrictions on the part of the governments and responsible authorities in the weeks and days leading up to the events. We therefore point out already now that permits may be withdrawn due to the pandemic. We will publish further information and organizational instructions for the ANNOTOPIA visit here on our website in good time before the events. Please inform yourselves in advance.

You will find the current regulations for the three festivals in time on the individual festival pages here on the homepage.

HERE you can find the regulations for Bad Mergentheim.

4 x ANNOTOPIA in 2022!

What do you think?
We are already looking forward to it:

After the long, Corona-related dry spell, ANNOTOPIA will be represented at four locations in four federal states next year:

  • Water castle landscape Lüdinghausen (NRW)
  • NEW: Marienburg Castle in 30982 Pattensen near Hannover (Lower Saxony)
  • Residential Palace in 97980 Bad Mergentheim (Baden-Württemberg)
  • Castle park in 36199 Rotenburg a. d. Fulda (Hesse)

It’s that time again: ANNOTOPIA Fantasy-Talk – Part II

After the fantastic premiere of the ANNOTOPIA Fantasy Talk in March, we are now looking forward to Part II.
Of course with great guests again: among others Ashira Cosplay, Darth Vader, Jawas, Federgeist Theater, Lady Kitty’s Helles Belles.

Moderation: Professor Abraxo & UW-1472

Focus this time: StarWars …
and also there will be at least one fat surprise.

On Sunday, May 30 at 6 pm it starts:
HERE you can watch the trailer …

With this new and extraordinary format we would like to introduce you regularly to contributors, locations and the people behind ANNOTOPIA. In addition, you will get the latest news and one or the other surprise about Germany’s biggest fantasy festival. And of course we would like to involve YOU as well.

So be part of it!

Covid 19-Update (29.03.2021)

Dear friends of ANNOTOPIA,

we would like to provide you with better news, but the pandemic situation simply does not allow it at the moment.

Unfortunately, the ANNOTOPIA Festival in Lüdinghausen cannot take place on 08 + 09 May 2021.
According to § 13 (3) of the new Corona Protection Ordinance of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which applies from today, large festival events are prohibited until at least 31 May 2021.

But of course we will do everything we can to ensure that Lüdinghausen does not have to do without ANNOTOPIA for a second year in a row.
That’s why we’re presenting you with the alternative date at the same time:

We look forward to seeing you in Lüdinghausen on 02 + 03 October 2021!

Tickets already purchased (for 2020 and 2021) will of course remain valid. Everything you need to know about ticket refunds can be found HERE.

Take care!

This is new and spectacular: The ANNOTOPIA Fantasy-Talk is coming!

As long as we can’t celebrate ANNOTOPIA with you, we’ll just talk about it …
… LIVE with you and fantastic guests:

On Thursday, 4 March at 8.15 p.m. it’s all happening: look forward with us to the premiere of the ANNOTOPIA Fantasy-Talk!

There are many talk shows,
there are also good talk shows,
BUT: you have never experienced such a fantastic talk show!

Click in:
Link above or directly HERE.

With this new and unusual format, we would like to regularly introduce you to contributors, locations and the people behind ANNOTOPIA. In addition, you will get the latest news and one or two surprises about Germany’s biggest fantasy festival. And of course we would like to involve YOU.

Be curious … and spread the word! 🙂

Click on the picture for the preview trailer.

ANNOTOPIA comes to Bad Mergentheim for the first time in summer 2021

Exterior grounds of the Residenzschloss will become a spectacle mile for the whole family / State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg, city administration and noa entertainment cooperate

“The great monuments have always captured the imagination of visitors – this inspiring atmosphere is what makes a historic place like the Residenzschloss Mergentheim and its park so special,” says Michael Hörrmann, Managing Director of the State Palaces and Gardens Baden-Württemberg. “With ANNOTOPIA we can offer space for a new event format – and that is one of our central concerns: Opening up new accesses to the historical monuments”.

ANNOTOPIA is also an exciting new project for the city, as Lord Mayor Udo Glatthaar emphasises: “As a concert backdrop, the outdoor area of our palace is already well-known and popular. Now the area including the park will be presented in a completely new and literally ‘fantastic’ way. Together with our new partner SSG and with noa entertainment we can set fresh impulses. I am delighted about this and I myself am looking forward to this experience”.

Together with Kersten Hahn, head of the cultural office, Lord Mayor Udo Glatthaar sees the preparations for the project as a strong signal to look ahead and to get started again as soon as possible in Bad Mergentheim. “With ANNOTOPIA we are also expanding our target group and positioning Bad Mergentheim once again as a location for innovative event formats,” says Kersten Hahn.

3 x ANNOTOPIA in 2021 !!!

Now for the good news:

After a whole year without ANNOTOPIA in 2020 we are looking forward to THREE festivals next year.

The two established locations in Lüdinghausen and Rotenburg a. d. Fulda will be joined in August by Residential Palace Park in Bad Mergentheim.

So from August 21 to 22, 2021, the time has come: Premiere of the ANNOTOPIA Fantasy Festival in the south of our republic. Look forward to impressive entertainment and fascination in the usual ANNOTOPIA way for the whole family at special, discounted premiere prices! More information will follow shortly.


ANNOTOPIA & Corona: Face masks (NEW!)

Maybe you want to bring a little ANNOTOPIA in your life while ANNOTOPIA is pausing.

And how can this work best in these strange times? Of course (unfortunately) with a nice face mask.

In our new ANNOTOPIA online shop we provide comfortable pieces in two different versions for you.


After a whole year without ANNOTOPIA in 2020, we are of course all the more looking forward to the festivals this year.
Be sure to save the dates:
Bad Mergentheim – 21st & 22nd of August 2021
Rotenburg a. d. Fulda – 11th & 12th of September 2021
Lüdinghausen – 02nd & 03rd of October 2021

Information about the participants and the program is available here at the festival-sides.

Applications can be submitted HERE on this homepage.

Covid 19-Update (09.07.2020)

Dear friends of ANNOTOPIA,

unfortunately we have no good news for you today.
Many of you have asked us in the past few days, but we could not give you any binding answers. On June 17, 2020 the federal government extended its decree which bans major events until at least the end of October 2020.
After long discussions, considerations an a lot of emotions, we now are certain that ANNOTOPIA festivals cannot take place this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We regret deeply. However, after close consultations with local authorities, we had no other realistic choice. We really tried everything.
Our goal to keep the unique character and great atmosphere in ANNOTOPIA and – at the same time – to guarantee all the necessary corona requirements would have been impossible.
We hope so much to see you all back next year for wunderful ANNOTOPIA celebrations in the well-known form.
All already purchased tickets for 2020 remain valid for the 2021 festivals. Alternatively, you can get your tickets refunded.
Greetings from Professor Abraxo
& and the entire ANNOTOPIA-team